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Liner hanger systems square measure utilized in the assembly well to stay the liners intact. Liner is different from casing and is genuinely a casing string that is adorne

from another casing string. And to keep this affiliation at the place, the liner hanger system is needed. Liners square measure utilized in place of full casing strings and successively reduces price, improves hydraulic performance once drilling ooze, permits the utilization of larger tube prime of} the liner top.

With time, there are many enhancements within the drilling operations that crystal rectifier to the changes within the liner hanger systems. Gift day liner hanger systems include a liner hanger, polished bore receptacle (PBR) and a liner-top packer. The liner hanger systems are of an assorted kind, premium or standard, mechanical or hydraulic, typical or expandable, and pocket slip. There square measure several makers providing nearly every form of liner hangers. The trade is functioning towards the system and increasing its operational potency.

A device accustomed attach or suspend liners from the inner wall of a previous casing string. Liner hangers square measure accessible during a vary of sizes and specifications to suit a spread of completion conditions.

The list of top liner hanger manufacturers – 


Being established in 2017, TIW has been providing its services to the oil and gas community for over a century currently. The corporate started as a general field repair facility. It had been noninheritable by Drill-Quip INC. in 2016. TIW manufactures numerous varieties of liner hanger and liner hanger systems the list of that has been mentioned below:

  • XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger System
  • EJ-IB-TC Mechanical Set
  • IB-TC-R Hydraulic Set
  • IB-DD Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger

Tianjin Elegant Technology

Tianjin was supported in 2008 in China. It’s currently a good network of partner makers and petroleum consultants. It provides Sovonex™ liner hanger system that helps within the safe readying of liners in straight, varied or parallel wellbores. The various elements of this liner hanger systems are:

  • Topliner packer
  • Liner Hanger
  • Liner hanger running tool assembly
  • Shoe track elements

Maximus Completion System

Maximus may be a manufacturer and provider of field tools. The corporate styles the tools per the stress of its customers. It additionally provides superior quality completion solutions to its shoppers across the world. The elements of the liner hanger systems offered by the corporate are:

  • Magnussen Liner Packer
  • Quartus Liberty Liner Hangers
  • Quartus Liner Hanger Accessories
  • Quartus MSL Mechanical Set Liner Hangers
  • Quartus QHH Hydraulic Set Liner Hangers


Schlumberger may be a leading service supplier of the oil and gas trade. It offers recent technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and process. The corporate has the foremost comprehensive vary of liner hanger which fit in the majority the necessities of the trade. A number of the liner hanger systems factory-made by the corporate are:

  • COLOSSUS M2M Metal-to-Metal Expandable Liner Hanger System
  • COLOSSUS CMT Cemented Liner Hanger System
  • COLOSSUS UNC Uncemented Liner Hanger System


DEW is one amongst the leading makers of liner hanger systems. It’s a good network of shoppers all around the globe World Health Organization realize the services provided by condensate as extremely reliable. The assorted elements of liner hanger systems factory-made by the corporate are:

  • Polished Bore Receptacle
  • Liner high Packer
  • Pack off mamilla

Liner Hangers: Future Market Insight

With the rise of the crude market in recent years, there has been a considerable increase within the investment of the offshore drilling comes. Numerous technological advancements, together with increased oil recovery from reserves, also are driving the overseas market. The market of liner hanger systems is anticipated to grow more than USD 950 million throughout 2019-2023 with the CAGR of nearly five-hitter.

The demand for liner hanger systems relies on the number of wells trained and completed, which might be appropriately known by knowing the rig count. The need for liner hanger systems remains nearly unaffected by right intervention and work-over activities. The rig count increased by 6.5% within the amount of 2017 to could 2018, that is excellent news for the liner hangers demand. The common rig count in North America has nearly doubled in 2018 that created this region one amongst the most important markets of liner hanger systems within the world.


Now, with the expected upsurge within the market, the liner hanger systems’ demand can witness a considerable improvement. The trade is functioning on developing new technologies to boost its operational potency and sturdiness. By the time the deal prepares itself for the future challenges, the liner hanger corporations will need faucet on business opportunities by registering themselves with Energy rostrum. It’s a web cooperative B2B platform that aims at transportation the oil and gas trade along on one platform.

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