This Is How to Tell if Something Is Real Silver

Are you thinking of buying silver?

Did you know that Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the world? Half of the silver supplied worldwide found a place in industrial applications. The other segments are often used for the jewelry industry, coins, and investment.

Silver, like gold and platinum, is a popular metal. It’s used to make simple jewelry to artisan-like products. This makes it important to learn how to tell if something is real silver.

These are the five things you need to know when determining if your silver is real. Read on and learn how to tell real silver from fake silver.

The Ring Test

When testing your silver if it’s real or not, the ring test is the most common and easy to perform. Pure silver produces a sound similar to a ringing bell when rubbed against another piece of metal. This means you can identify its purity by rubbing other metals or silver items together.

If you have a silver coin, what you can do is flip it and let it land on the surface. When it rings like a bell when it lands, then you know it’s silver. If the sound is dull, though, then it’s not as pure as you think it is.

The Magnet Test

You can also do a magnet test to see if you have real silver. It’s one of the first things you should do if you want to invest in precious metals. Like most precious metals, silver is non-magnetic this means that these materials are not attracted to magnets

Place any silver you have near a magnet created from the rare earth metal Neodymium. This test will check the magnetic property of your silver and it’s expected not to stick easily. If it sticks, then this means your silver is not real.

The Ice Test

Aside from having the highest electrical conductivity. Silver, also has the highest thermal conductivity. This means that silver is effective when transferring or taking up heat from its environment.

Place your silver at room temperature and place an ice cube on top of it. Ice cubes will still melt at room temperature, but it should melt faster because of the silver. If it melts faster than normal then this means that you are holding an authentic silver.

The Acid Test

Another way to identify if you have a real silver is with the acid test. With a few drops of acid, it will turn red if it’s genuine silver. If it’s brown or green this means the silver is about 80 to 50%.

However, if it turns into another color, then this means it’s not silver and made of a different metal.

Check the Label

The best and easiest way to determine if your silver is real or fake is by checking the label. If it says “ster” or “sterling” it means the silver item is 92.5% and close to pure silver. If the label is “IS”, this means its international silver and silver plated.

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Learn How to Tell if Something is Real Silver Today

Items made with are one of the best products you can gift. Knowing how to tell if something is real silver can help you in the long term. Tell if it’s real silver and buy it today!

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