It can be tough to attract customers to your business, but making a strong first impression with your basic marketing materials can help you do just that. Here are three trending areas in which making smart choices can mean the difference between closing a deal and missing an opportunity.

Customized Phone Number

Despite the impact of online shopping and social media, many of today’s consumers still contact businesses by telephone. To make your company stand out from the crowd, contract with a virtual service provider that will let you select a personalized phone number that is easy for people to remember. Having a vanity number, which is often made up of digits that spell out something integral to your business, can help your enterprise come to mind more quickly when someone is in need of your services.

Unique Business Cards

While it may no longer feel like a necessity, having a business card can boost your credibility and make you accessible to as broad a range of clients as possible. To draw the most attention, your business cards should do much more than simply convey how to reach you. Choosing an unusual shape or material can help yours get noticed; think tooth-shaped cards for your dental practice or ones made of cardboard if you have a moving company. Even if you opt for a more traditional style, adding in graphics, clever sayings, or even a QR code that links to your website can help drive business to your doorstep.

Eye-Catching Signage

Creating standout signage for your business can be a critical way to get noticed, whether it’s by a client who’s trying to find your location or a passerby who may be interested in your services later on. For starters, your signage should be large enough to be read clearly by anyone driving by. Once the size is determined, you’ll want to select colors and fonts that are impactful and won’t fade into the background of your building. Consider adding catchy graphics if it’s appropriate for your industry, and for a bit of extra pop think about using a sign shape that is different than the standard rectangular design.

No matter what type of small business you operate, your top priority is probably to attract as many clients as possible. By maximizing the appeal of even the most basic of your marketing materials, you’ll be taking some important steps to attract the attention of anyone who needs your services.