As of 2021, blogging is a more effective marketing strategy than email newsletters, ebooks, and white papers. Of course, blogging only works when the content is of the highest quality. Many times, business owners are too busy to maintain high-quality blogs. Other times, they simply don’t enjoy the process of monthly blog writing. Luckily, professional blog writers can come to the rescue. The key is to find one who meets your vision.

1. Look for the Right Skillset

Anybody can post a few sentences and call it a blog, but your company won’t thrive if you use just any type of writing. A blog writer must possess the proper set of skills. Naturally, the first skill is writing. Look for bloggers who provide portfolios. The pieces you read should use proper spelling, have impeccable grammar, and stick to the topic of the piece.

Blogging is about more than grammar, though. You also want someone who either already has knowledge in your industry or is willing to do the legwork to gain it. Confidence is important as well. Professional bloggers should have a unique style that includes relevant analogies and examples. Finally, choose someone who exhibits a commitment to quality and creates interesting and relevant writing pieces every time. 

2. Know Where To Look for Professional Bloggers

You can begin your search for a professional blogger in several places. If you are part of a network of business owners, consider asking if anyone has blog writers they can recommend and why they’d do so.

If recommendations don’t pan out, there are freelance marketplaces. These job posting websites focus specifically on freelance content. They allow you to search a market of writers and contact those who interest you. Alternatively, you can post about your blogging needs and wait for writers to contact you.

Recommendations and job boards are good options for some business owners, but perhaps you want to save time by cutting out the middleman. Consider an SEO writing company. SEO marketing companies are literally in the business of blogging. They have access to a pool of writers whom they’ve already vetted, ensuring you receive high-quality content as regularly as you need it.

3. Ask the Right Questions

When you seek a professional blogger, asking the right questions ensures you work with someone who truly meets your needs. Begin by finding out how long the individual or company has been blogging and whether they have experience in your particular industry. Ask them if they can provide writing samples for the industry as well. This will help you determine if your ideas are on the same wavelength.

When you find someone you may be interested in hiring, learn more about their writing process. Ask how their ideas come about, whether they write multiple drafts, and if they proofread their work or hire someone else to do it. Finally, don’t be afraid to Google them to ensure the search results you find match the way they present themselves. 

4. Build a Professional Relationship

Once you find a blogger or SEO company you want to hire, it’s important to build a professional relationship. When providing instructions for the bogs you want to receive, ensure you include keywords, any topic ideas you have, how long you want the blog to be, and whether you want links in the content. The more information you provide, the better your results will be. Sometimes, the people you hire to write for you will have questions or otherwise need clarification. Respond to questions as soon as possible, so your writers can stick to their deadlines. Remember, professionalism and courtesy matter.

Informative, well-written blogs are a proven way to bring more business to your company. Spending the time necessary to find professional bloggers who offer high-quality content is essential if you want your company to be at the top of its game. Remember, many SEO companies offer blogging packages that make your job easier!