An email has become the fastest and easy way businesses or individuals reach their customers, family, and friends faster. There are many email services that serve as your middle man. Today we’ll review viral vista the best email providers that you should check out.

  1. Gmail

The first on our list is Gmail. It is one of the best email providers as it excels in many ways. It has great features such as unlimited storage space for you, very easy user interface among others.

Gmail is owned by Google, hence, the ‘G’ attached to the mail.

Gmail helps to filter spam messages, it delivers speedily, it is stable. From our observations, we advise that you check it out first before being fully committed to using it.

  1. GMX Mail

GMX is not a name to consider when it comes to the best email providers. But from what we observed, we see that it is actually cool and can be among the best.

GMX provides a whopping 2GB of storage access to its users and it has very cool client features through POP and IMAP with a web interface that beats other email services. It also provides a calendaring function such as google and it also has a good storage function.

  1. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is an email service provider that is seen on iOS devices such as iPhone, Mac, or using MS Outlook on a computer having a Windows operating system.

It has features such as access to IMAP, automatically putting new messages on the inbox, and automatically loading HTML images.

  1. AIM Mail

AIM mail is one of the best mail services as it offers unlimited storage space and great spamming filters and it is very easy to use. Another thing is that clients’ access is very simple to use with both POP and IMAP functionality.

AIM mail has been around for quite a long time. Another thing is that, because of their huge popularity especially in the US, it may be difficult to get an email address to your liking or choice.

  1. Yahoo Mail

Like AIM mail, Yahoo mail has been old in the game.

Yahoo mail is extremely easy to use and it integrates very well with other yahoo products such as instant messaging and the yahoo search engine.

With unlimited storage space. Yahoo mail is one of the best email providers as it has very efficient security.

There are some downturns we encountered such as the client-side support area is not really that great and there are no features for IMAP and other things are that Yahoo has continued to sway people towards their paid-for email product which is bad.

  1. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of Microsoft products, it is a browser-based email service provider which was included in Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365.

It has Featured such as enterprise-grade security, the inbuilt calendar that helps you schedule meeting, It also provides an easy way to find people, and messages, documents in email.

  1. may be new to some people, but it definitely has very great service. provides its users with 5GB of storage which should be enough to cover all your free mail needs. Their website is very easy and sleeky. They also have effective spam protection. does not provide IMAP access nor offer any type of SSL connection, meaning that their security level is low.

You can get your preferred choice of email address as it is less popular.


Fastmail, just like its name works with the speed in terms of email connection which we found to be pretty cool.

As a new and small service, there are many limitations as they always request upgrades which is not that cool. It doesn’t have the calendering feature like other email service providers.

The free version of FastMail provides great IMAP client access–lacking in the other free email products–and has a great web interface that you will enjoy using.

On a final note, if you wish to explore more on email service providers, you can choose from these as most of them are free to use and are secured too.