The car insurance policy is the contract between the insurance company and you that protects you and your vehicle against financial loss in the event of unforeseen risks like an accident or theft. When it comes to car insurance for 16 year old the insurance costs expensive.

16 year old with Learner’s permit:

When a 16-year-old driver obtains a learner’s permit you should notify it with your insurance company. If 16 year old obtains a learner’s permit, then you don’t need to add your 16-year-old to your policy. The auto insurance for 16 year old is needed only after the 16-year-old graduates to a full-fledged driver’s license.

Assign a car:

The car that costs less to insure than others is the best one for the 16 year old. The cars that cost more to insure than others may make you cost more to fix or replace the parts for the vehicles. Even your insurance company may assume that the 16 year old is driving that expensive car, and the company will charge accordingly. Most of the insurance companies will not assign cars to specific drivers. You have to verify clearly to see if yours does. You have to make sure that your 16 years old should be assigned to the less expensive car which reflects low premium.

Adding 16 years old with parent’s policy:

While taking the own policy for the 16-year-old it costs high than compared to adding the 16 year old with their parent’s policy. In some exceptions, the 16-year-old should be added to your own policy. It’s less expensive to add your 16-year-old with your policy than to make them purchase their own policy. You can make them pay for insurance by the billing date every month may make your child responsible. The car insurance for 16 year old female costs low when compared to the car insurance for 16 year old male, the best way to make policy is to add them in your policy. You can remove your 16-year-old from your policy if your 16-year-old gets into an accident and which it raises your premiums. After removing your 16-year-old from your policy, you can purchase their own coverage.

Rules for 16 year old driver:

There are some laws and rules for 16 year old drivers, the laws restrict the 16 year old that when and where they can drive. They are usually called GDL (Graduated Driver License) laws that apply for drivers who are under 18 years of age. The Graduated Driver License laws include some of the rules.

  • During the day time hours only they are allowed to drive.
  • Drivers below 18 years aged are allowed to go to particular destinations only like school.
  • While driving the usage of mobiles or gadgets are banned from calling or texting.
  • To accompany the below 18-year-old driver, there should a passenger who is over a certain age.
  • Children under a certain age are not be allowed to travel with them.

These are some of the details in the GDL laws.

Being a parent make sure that you are providing model driving behavior. There are so many insurers not everyone provides the offers for the same rates. The car insurance for 16 year old avail quote from Alias Insurance which is best for you and your family.